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Lincoln Cent Collection


This is a kit to help you start and build a Lincoln cent collection.  In this kit you get 100,200,or 300 mixed Lincoln cents 1909-1958 . (Your Choice of quanity)  You will also recieve a 1909VDB cent the first year of issue. Three whitman folders # 9004 1909-1940 , # 9030 1941-1974, # 9033 1975-2013, and a 2 in 1 magnifier for examining your coins.  In the mixed cents there will be Teens, 20s,30s,40s,50s,and steel.  There may be some duplicates but we will try to give you a good mix.  Retail Value is $29.95  SALE at $24.95 + Post "A great way for children to start a collection and save coins."   Save the Postage and pick up at the store , call ahead and we will have it ready.. a Great Gift Idea !!   FREE coin tubes for storage included.